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King’s Pet LLC was founded in 2014 by long time dog lover, Wayne King. Wayne raised and trained puppies and dogs throughout his childhood and teenage years, a passion that continued into adulthood.

Wayne and his family bought their first Cavalier puppy in 2009, a decision which ultimately led them to pursue careers in dog breeding. However, the King Family quickly determined it was difficult and time-consuming to find Quality pet supplies from reliable sources.

Thus, in 2014, they founded King’s Pet LLC. As fellow dog owners, The King family understands that pets are more than just animals. They are members of your family. As such, King’s takes the utmost care in providing quality products and services to you and your family.

Mr. King Comment’s on the number of local manufacturer’s Wanting to sell their wares at his retail store & Website. It’s a "process" Bringing local manufacturer’s on board, as product needs to meet our quality standards...

The Ultimate Goal Here is to VALUE to you, and your Furry Friends..